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Shiny Kalos Giveaway!

I know the smaller giveaway was the more popular idea, but I also wanted to get as many prizes to as many people as possible, so I’m doing both! This will be the big one and the smaller one will be posted after this one ends! 

There are around 50 Pokemon in this giveaway!


Furfrou - 3

Skiddo - 2

Espurr - 2

Dedenne - 2

Fletchling - 2

Scatterbug - 5

Sylveon - 1

Tyrunt - 2

Amaura - 1

Honedge - 5

Helioptile - 2

Hawlucha - 3

Phantump - 2

Pumpkaboo - 1

Noibat - 1

Skrelp - 1

Bunnelby - 1

Litleo - 1

Flabebe - 5

Clawitzer - 2

Goomy - 2

Bergmite - 2

All Pokemon have at least 1 IV! Most have 3-5 IVs!

Every one is nicknamable, except one of the Furfrou’s. 

All Pokemon were bred or caught by me, except the mentioned Furfrou.

Here is a link to a doc with all the info on the Pokemon, including natures/abilities/IVs - LINK


One reblog = one entry! Likes do not count as entries!

Only one entry per person! No spamming to get more entries! Reblogging more than once will NOT get you disqualified, but it won’t get you any more entries, either.

Pokemon must be recieved on either Pokemon X or Pokemon Y.

You must have you ask box open so that I can message you!

You must respond to the first message within 24 hours or you will be disqualified and will NOT recieve your prize!


Winners will get ONE Pokemon as their prize! This is to spread out the prizes to a larger group so more people win.

You do not get to choose the Pokemon you win. They have all been assigned indiviual numbers (I.E. both Goomy’s have different numbers) and when the winners are chosen one of the Pokemon’s numbers will also be chosen.

This is to make a large giveaway easier on everyone - people that have already responded won’t have to wait 24 hours for the others to respond when they are already ready.

I will let you know what Pokemon you will be recieving in my first message. If you don’t want that particular one, you can decline and I’ll draw another name, or you can take it anyway and maybe trade it or something, what ever you want to do with it.

If you decline the Pokemon you won, you WILL NOT recieve another!

If you win a Pokemon like Pumpkaboo that evolves with trade and DO NOT want it to evolve when you recieve it let me know and I’ll give it an Everstone.

Please read the whole post, there is important info above! 

Giveaway ends April 13th at 7PM Pacific time! Winners will be chosen then and messages sent out!

Sorry for the horrible quality photos, I swear I didn’t take them on a potato.



In celebration of Pokemon Bank finally coming out everywhere.

Rayquaza - level 100 Japanese
Darkrai - level 100 Japanese 6 perfect IVs
Ho-oh - level 45 Japanese 6 perfect IVs


  • You don’t have to follow me, but an extra shiny surprise will be added if you do.
  • Both reblogs and likes count.
  • Reblog/like as many times as you want.
  • Giveaway will end on March 1st 2014.

Questions? Inbox me!
Good luck!


—- 5 Jirachi Giveaway! —-

Hello everyone! In honour of all those epic people who have followed me on both AskUnown and my personal blog, Lugidog, I am giving away not 1, not 2, not 3, not even 4, but 5 JIRACHI!

Sorry, the bad jokes will stop here.

All of the Jirachi are Japanese Daisuke Club event Jirachi, meaning I cannot rename them. All are at level 5 with Pokerus. In other words, they’re all the same.

Anyway, let’s get down to the rules!

—- Rules! —-

  • No giveaway blogs.
  • Only one like and reblog per person. Multiple reblogs will not give you multiple entries.
  • You do not need to be following me to enter. Following me will not increase your chances of winning.
  • You must have a copy of Pokemon X or Y.
  • You must have your ask box open so I can contact you.
  • If you do not respond to me within 48 hours of me contacting you, I will move down the line to the next winner.
  • Giveaway ends on February 28th.

Winners will be picked via random number generator and sent an ask to discuss a time when we can trade. I don’t care what you trade me, it can even be a Bunnelby (‘cause they’re cute and I like them ;3).

Other than that, have fun, and good luck!



I’ve bred and hatched many Phione eggs on my Pearl version and ended up hatching a shiny Phione years ago. It was pretty weak for my team and it ended up not being included to my party. So why not do a giveaway.

There will be 13 winners. 12 will receive a Lv.1 Phione (OT is HERO or Henry) while one will recieve a shiny Phione (Lv.53 and OT is HERO with a Calm nature).

Rules for a regular Phione:

  • You have to reblog this post once. Likes can increase the chance of being chosen.
  • Have your ask open so I can notify you and exchange our friend codes. If i have no response from the winner, a different one will be chosen. When we go through the trading process, any Pokemon is fine for me.
  • No giveaway blogs. I will be checking.

Rules for a shiny Phione:

  • Same rules apply for a regular phione, but you have to be following me.

Contest begins today (2/16/14) and will end in February 28th.

This is my first time doing a giveaway. If you have a question, leave a message in my inbox. I’ll be using a number generator for this giveaway.


Fangirl challenge [10] Tv shows Community

the reason I know that respect is a tool is because it clearly is not a natural thing and we forget to use it all the time and then we start to compete with each other and exploiting each other and humiliating each other and controlling each other and we lose each other and without each other we’ll go extinct and that’s a fact. 

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Okay so shiny giveaway of some sort !!

I will be having a shiny giveaway ending on January 25th ! One like and reblog per person the winner will receive 5 Shinies of their choice from these.All are 6Iv or 5IV ! I will use a RANDOMIZER to declare the winner if you follow you can reblog one more time no giveaway blogs I will check ! Good luck

EDIT : Gardivorie can NOT be chosen as it is for a friend 



here is the Doctor flying across your blog

I don’t know what kind of blog you’re running if you don’t need Matt Smith flying across it.

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im so bad at this hiatus thing so here have satan bird and dinky deer

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i drew a desktop background for myself 0v0 

+original size

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